This is not a gambling website. Pro Players Leagues are for entertainment purposes only.

Pro Players Fantasy Football Leagues are DYNASTY Leagues.

Our leagues are intended for owners that want to keep and build their teams for many years.


Pro Players SUPER League Rules
2020 Super League Home

Currently we have BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, DIAMOND, SQUARE & CIRCLE Leagues. All Pro Players Fantasy Football SUPER Leagues use the same rules. This includes all League Settings, Roster Size, Roster Limits, Scoring, Waivers, Injured Reserve, Taxi Squad Rules and By-Laws.

Pro Players Fantasy Football Franchises are Awarded on a strict First-Come-First-Serve basis. All Pro Players Leagues are Keeper/Dynasty Leagues and therefor all New Owners are required to pay two seasons in advance to help insure that new leagues have staying power. Anyone that has been Awarded a Franchise must purchase it to confirm League Entry, as all unpaid Franchises are to remain available for prospective owners to purchase. The Commissioner reserves the right to deny League Entry or Reentry in cases where an owner has had repeated rules infractions, team abandonment/gross neglect, extreme offensive behavior, or when the majority of other owners support denial.

Our Dynasty Owners are required to pay the Franchise Fee in full by July 1st each season. This rule helps provide the league with adequate time to fill vacancies, and allows new owners adequate time to prepare for the upcoming season. If you have a balance due for the upcoming season, you will receive an invoice at the end of the previous season, and reminders are sent on June 1st. PPFFL owners may pay far in advance, so please plan ahead. In fairness to all franchise owners in this league, refunds will not be issued on or after July 1st to insure that the remaining franchise owners are not forced to pay the resulting balance when an owner backs out so near the start of the upcoming season. If for any reason you wish to forfeit your franchise any time after the July 1st deadline, please notify the Commish as early as possible.

League Costs: $9.72
Prize Fund Contribution: $100.28


6 Leagues / 12 Teams in Each: Top 6 in EACH League Cash
1X GRAND Champion gets $1000 ($500 League Championship + $500 GRAND Champion BONUS!)
6X League Champions get $500 Each
6X League Runners Up get $250 Each
6X 3rd Place Finishers get $150 Each
6X 4th Place Finishers get $110 Each
6X 5th Place Finishers get $65 Each
6X 6th Place Finishers get $45 Each

One Pro Players Super League Champion will be crowned the Annual Super League Grand Champion and earns the Grand Champion's Bonus as described above. The Super League Grand Champion is the League Champion that wins with highest score on Championship Weekend. Ties are not allowed (see PLAYOFF TIEBREAKERS below.)

Payouts are made following the end each season. Cash Prizes that are equal to or less than an owner’s franchise fee for the upcoming DYNASTY fantasy season are applied to their balance due for that DYNASTY franchise. Any Franchise Owner may “Cash Out” at any time. Any franchise owner that “Cashes Out” completely, does knowingly and voluntarily forfeit ownership of their DYNASTY franchise at that time.

CUT DEADLINECheck the League Calendar for exact time and date.
The Cut Deadline falls on the Friday prior to the FINAL NFL Preseason Game. Active Rosters must be trimmed to 25 players by the Cut Deadline to accommodate 5 rounds of mandatory draft picks. Taxi Squad Players are not Active Roster members, therefor TS Players are exempt from the Cut Deadline. Owners no longer retain the offseason rights to players that are Dropped prior to the Cut Deadline. All Cuts/Drops are permanent and cannot be reversed by the Commissioner unless the request is made immediately upon making a mistake.

DRAFT: Check the League Calendar for exact time and date.
There are 5 rounds of draft each season. The draft order is "Worst-to-First" Order (See Worst-to-First Draft Order below.) A 5 round Repeating Order Draft is held live online. Owners must make one pick per round. You will be allowed 2 minutes to make each pick. If you have any kind of emergency during the draft, please call the Commish (480) 993-5386 to Pause the Draft Timer or to make your current selection for you! If you have entered your picks in Pre-Draft Selections, please let the Commish know! DO NOT enter a request in the League Chat, it is often not seen immediately. PLEASE do your best not to make the rest of the league wait.

The "Worst-to-First" Draft Order is set by the following criteria:

  • Last Pick: Goes to the current League Champions, Winners of the previous season Championship Game.
  • Next-to-Last Pick: Goes to the current Runners-up, Losers of the previous season Championship Game.
  • Playoff Teams: Playoff Teams are ordered in Reverse Order of the previous season Playoff Finish.
  • Non-Playoff Teams: Non-Playoff Teams are ordered in Reverse Order of the previous regular season standings (See Regular Season Standings below).


Teams are allowed a maximum of 5 "Claims" per week. We use a season-long Rolling Waiver Order that starts in the reverse order of the draft, and "Rolls" Waiver Request Claims to the bottom of the Waiver Order. The first Waiver Request window opens after the Draft and is followed by a First Come First Serve/Free Agent window that runs through Sundays at 1pm ET (see League Calendar). The Waiver Request period opens Sundays at 1pm ET each week, allowing owners to request up to 5 rounds of claims. Waivers are processed on Wednesdays at 8PM ET, then the First Come First Serve window is open until Sundays again, repeating weekly throughout the fantasy season. Dropped players are locked for 24 hours then they become available on the Free Agent list. Teams are not allowed to coordinate waiver picks, (i.e. Bidding on a player that is not a free agent yet due to prior knowledge, or waiver swaps to circumvent the "No Trades" rule). Doing so will get you banned from the league. Waivers close for the season at 1pm ET Sunday of Week 16. FCFS Claims DO NOT AFFECT WAIVER ORDER.

Due to the volatility of IR status changes, owners will occasionally violate the "Status" portion of the IR rule. If this occurs, the owner will be "Suspended" briefly until the roster is made legal. Suspension only means limited access to the site. Simply make the appropriate IR/Roster moves to make your roster legal, then the system will restore full access to the site.

Owners may make UNLIMITED Taxi Squad moves at any time of the year. Place up to 2 Players on TS. You may Demote and Promote Players at any time without restrictions of any kind.

Pro Players Fantasy Football League expects owners to field a competitive, complete lineup each and every week. Do not start a lineup consisting of injured players and/or bye-week players, as it may help someone else to an easy victory or an easy playoff spot.  Owners may start bye-week players only when necessary. We are playing for money, so all teams are expected to earn victories and "Tanking" is unethical behavior. Anyone that suspects "Tanking" should contact the Commissioner immediately, hopefully before kickoff please. Franchise owners that are found guilty of tanking are given only one chance to correct the behavior. Upon a second infraction, the owner is indefinitely suspended from the league and must be apply for reinstatement.

Trades are not allowed in Pro Players leagues. You must scout and groom talent through the draft and waivers, and start efficient players on both Offense and Defense to truly succeed as a Pro Players Franchise Owner.

League Rules are static and will rarely change in any significant way unless it becomes an obvious need, like a change in the length of the NFL Season. Rules may only be changed by a Pro Players Fantasy Football League Commissioner during the offseason. It is Pro Players Fantasy Football League Policy to close a league if it fails to sell all franchises. PPFFL Leagues must be easy to sell out, or we missed the target.

We receive our final statistics on Thursdays at 10:00am ET. They review games to insure statistical accuracy, and when they do find a mistake they will correct it. On Thursday mornings when we get the final report, Stat Changes are automatically applied and shall be accepted by all franchise owners as final results. The Commish has no say in Final Stats.

We Randomize the Schedule as soon as the League is Filled and paid in full on or about July 1st, but check the League Calendar. We have two Conferences with six teams in each Conference. Each team will play every team in their own conference twice and 3 randomly selected teams from the other conference once for a 13 week regular season.

The top three teams from each conference will advance to the playoffs in Week 14 with the following format:

  • Week 14: The AFC and NFC Regular season Champs get a first round playoff bye. AFC Regular season 2nd Place vs. AFC Regular season 3rd Place, and NFC Regular season 2nd Place vs. NFC Regular season 3rd Place.
  • Week 15: AFC 1st Round Playoff Winner vs. AFC Regular season Champs, and NFC 1st Round Playoff Winner vs. NFC Regular season Champs. 1st Round Losers play each other to determine 5th and 6th Place.
  • Week 16: AFC Conference Champs vs. NFC Conference Champs to determine 1st and 2nd Place. 2nd Round Conference Losers play each other to determine 3rd and 4th Place.

League standings are determined by overall record, then divisional winning percentage, then tied franchises head to head record, then total points, then a coin toss. In the event of a tie in the playoffs, the winner is determined by Position Head-to-Head record (example:QB vs QB, RB1 vs RB1, RB2 vs RB2 and so on), then a coin toss.

PBR has been discontinued. We no longer play in the PBR.

So far, rules violations have been mostly accidental, usually absent minded roster violations. An example of behavior that will get you banned would be Tanking to help another owner into the playoffs. Should a team or teams violate a rule or use the system in an unethical manner:

  • Bring it to the attention of the Commissioner immediately.
  • If it is an obvious rules violation the Commissioner will:
    • Correct the infraction if possible.
    • Otherwise, a league poll will be issued to determine the correction.
  • If it is determined to be unethical behavior, the Commissioner will issue a warning on 1st offense to allow the offending owner to correct the behavior.
  • If it is a second offense, the Commissioner is required to Ban the repeat offender. Banned owners may apply for reinstatement into the league at the start of the next off-season. Reinstatement into the league requires a majority vote upon application of reinstatement.


If a franchise owner quits, no-shows or gets banned from the league, that team will be offered to the first person on the "Wait List".  Should that list be exhausted, a "Blind Team" will be managed by the Commish as per the following rules to help maintain competitive balance in the league, and to preserve the value of the "Blind Team" while seeking for the next franchise owner. No-Shows and Banned Owners may apply for reinstatement into the league at the start of the next offseason. Reinstatement into the league requires a majority vote upon application of reinstatement. The Blind Team rule is retroactive to the first date of missed lineup submission.

  • Blind Team starters will be determined by the highest weekly average at each position, and must be classified as "Probable" or better. The Commish may decide to start a player that is injured worse than "probable" based on reasonable speculation that the "starter" will play.
  • Should a Blind Team starter become injured worse than probable, his best backup will be inserted. The Commish may decide to start a player that is injured worse than "probable" based on reasonable speculation that the "starter" will play.
  • If a Blind Team player becomes classified as "Doubtful" or worse, that player will be placed on IR if possible and the highest rated free agent that is classified as "Probable" or better at that position will be claimed via the waiver wire. When the IR player is no longer qualified to be on IR, the acquired free agent is waived and the IR player is re-activated. The Commish may decide to waive either player based on reasonable speculation of a player's future value.
  • If a Blind Team's player becomes classified as "Out for the remainder of the season", that player will be waived and the highest rated free agent at that position will be picked up via the waiver wire. The Commish may decide to place the injured player on IR based on reasonable speculation of a player's future value.
  • If a Blind Team has no eligible starters at a given position, the lowest rated "backup" player on the roster will be waived and the highest rated free agent at the needed position will be claimed via the waiver wire and will start. The Commish may decide to waive a different player based on reasonable speculation of a player's future value.